Rite Aid Trip

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I haven't been to Rite Aid in a while, but I had $2 Up+ rewards that were going to expire that day so heres what I got:

I also bought hubby a Red Bull energy drink ($1.79)

Subtotal before coupons: $12.77
Subtotal after coupons: .77¢

Binky $4.99 - $4 In ad coupon = .99¢
Drop in bottle $5.99 - $4 in ad coupon - $2 manuf. coupon = FREE
Red Bull = $1.79
- $2 UP+

Subtotal before coupons: $12.47
Subtotal after coupons:  -0.54¢

Sally Hansen nail clippers $3.49 - $3 in ad coupon = .49¢
Pacifier $4.99 - $4 in ad coupon = .99¢
2 Soft lips $1.99 each - (2) $3 in ad coupon = -$2.02

Got back $3 UP+

CVS Trip

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Before coupons: $18.47
Subtotal after coupons: .19¢

25weeks 5days

Well baby girl is getting bigger! She's been moving alot and I love it. Lately she's been in this weird position where she would lay so far out that when I lay down I can feel her head. It's pretty cute...and freaky.... but mostly CUTE. haha.  Pains... hmm where should I start.... my legs hurt at night and my back hurts me when I sit down sometimes.  Boobs (TMI) are feeling heavier and stretch marks on the side of my hips.  So itchy!

 I took my glucose tolerance test last week. The first time I went, the lab tech didn't know that she had to draw my blood every hour... so I had to come back the next day and do it again.  I drank the orange flavor and it wasn't that bad.  I came back the next morning with my hubby and this time she did it right.  I hope everything is fine though. I'd hate to go and do the 3 hour. 

Baby will be sharing rooms with us since my brother will be moving in once he's out of the Army.  We already have her crib up and changing station which also has a dresser.  We bought her stroller and car seat back in January so that's checked off. Next is.... I'm not sure. I just want to decorate but I am just not sure what theme.  Well once I get that figured out, I'll be posting pictures. 

March 23 --- 4D scan. We are so excited!! Plus I get to drink a coca cola!!! Ah I've missed it so much.

That's all with the updates. :)
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